game crash/freeze after lock screen

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  • Hi,

    I have tested this problem on samsung galaxy s2 plus...

    I have made one game it runs smooth but whenever i press the hold button and release hold mode and open phone after lock screen the game just get freeze and crash after sometime.... same thing happens when i press the home button.... and when i open the game again by selecting apps which are running in background... the game opens and it get freeze nothing happens...

    i have used pause on unfocus feature in my c2 file...

    anyone had the same problem??any solutions??

  • i have compiled the game by cocoon js.....anyone know the solution?

  • i have the same problem, on very small games this doesn't occur i saw, but i am not sure if is something from cocoon js, so i wait for the next update from ludei.

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  • after much debuging and no support from official people as usual, you have to remove the music otherwise its a no go, it will crash for ever. I think it doesnt occur on XDK so its pretty much Ludei problem. I had to stay 1 day to test, because amazon was screaming at me with good reasons. So dont use music for now with cocoon js on Android, they might fix this problem with the next update.

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