How do I make Game Center to work?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I submitted Healer Quest for approval by Apple (iOS App Store), and I’ve been refused for the following reason :

    « We noticed that Game Center has been enabled for your app but there are no Game Center features within the app.

    Specifically, the app has GC enabled and leaderboards and achievements have been submitted for review. However, no GC achievements or leaderboards were found in the app. »

    Well… I can swear there IS Game Center in my code. Actually it’s the exact same events that I am using with CranberryGames « Phonegap Game » on the Android version, where achievements and leaderboards are working perfectly. I’ve just replaced the PhonegapGame plugin with C2’s GameCenter equivalent, i.e. :

    « Authenticate user » at the start of the first layout.

    « report achievement "achievementID"» when the player unlocks an achievement.

    « Submit score N to leaderboard "leaderboardID" »

    « Show Leaderboard "leaderboardID" » on the title screen to check the different leaderboards

    « request Achievements » to show the list of achievements unlocked by the player on the title screen.

    I’m using Phonegap Build to export to iOS platform, while the Android version is exported with Intel XDK.

    Do I need to use other conditions / actions in order to make GC to work?

    Is there something I’m missing ?

    Any difference with the use of PhonegapGame plugin for Android / Intel XDK ?

    Should the IDs be types within " " ?

    Thanks a lot for any idea about what could be wrong!

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  • Rable hey I'm encountering the same problem as you now, I exported my game using Cordova Project settings and convert the .IPA file using IntelXDK but it seems that the only thing that's working is the In-App Purchase (Even though it's giving me error) whereas the Game Center won't authenticate.

    I even created a "Log In" button to Game Center and the action is to "Authenticate User" but nothing showed up.

    Is there anyone out there who can help us? Would be greatly appreciated.


  • From the moment I posted the message, I still don't have Apple's approval yet (it's pending), but I'm confident GC wil work on the build I submitted. At the very least the Leaderboards and achievements are working fine in Sandbox environment (I even can see the scores of the reviewers) so I guess it should be okay.

    Did you try your app in sandbox environment? Does it gives you a message "Welcome back, (...)" when you ask for authetification?

  • Rable game center won't even authenticate. I don't get any message saying that the GC plugin works on my end.

  • ondraayyy

    It should work. Is everything ok with your events? Do you authenticate on the start of layout?

    Maybe re-read the manual refrence entry to see if everything is correct on this side:

    Did you try to create events that trigger on auth fails or on auth success, to see whether authentification fails or gets no response at all?

  • Rable

    Solved, turns out that I have to install the testflight app and enable the sandbox mode, it works now.

  • Where did u do that, man? Changed test to sandbox? i can't find in

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