My Game Always Stop Momentarily at The Beginning

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  • I have a problem, the more complex my game is, the more I'm experiencing small pause at the beginning, before it continues. I'm not sure is it my laptop or I design my game not performance friendly.

    How to analyze this and fix it?

    Currently it uses 115Mb of memory according to C2. That's small right?

  • Do you have a lot of intensive actions on a "On start of layout" event?

    In my project I create a few thousand objects on the start of the layout, and it always takes a few seconds to load the layout. I just have the layout start with a simple screen with the text "Loading" on it, which I then remove when the game is fully loaded.

  • I have around 30 actions on start layout.

    Some is to destroy sprites that aren't required for the moment. The total of my sprites are below 30.

    It's relatively very small compare to your game.

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  • Can you share the demo link so we can try it on our devices ?

  • I get a pause when my players collision box changes size in-game for the first time everytime you start up the game. But after that one time I don't get any more pauses. My game's memory use is 1.5MB and I have at least 4-5 sprites on screen at all times.

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