How do I make my game act like stick hero

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  • In the game stick hero you have a platform that is a random distance away, a random size, and scrolls into view whenever you land on the next platform

    I would like to create platform generation just like this. How could this be achieved?

  • Check this capx, that's basically one way to do it. Probably needs some tweeking.

    You'll need the plugin MoveTo.

  • Check this capx, that's basically one way to do it. Probably needs some tweeking.

    You'll need the plugin MoveTo.

    Thanks for the reply and thanks for the cap, However I'm having trouble understanding how each section works.

    For example the hero moving to the target I don't see where the target is specified.

  • Alright I decided I'll upload what I have

    In the game the longer you hold the mouse button down the higher the character jumps,

    As stated earlier I want the platforms to work like they do in stick hero ( nothing currently happens upon touching the platform in this game as I had taken out all previous attempts.)

    I also have a couple other issues such as my character can jump off the screen Vertically by holding the button down to long (Can I cap this?)

    And I need a way to specify to the player the current strength of the jump.

    I planned for an arrow to grow with the strength of the jump however I can not find a way to do this without the arrow getting all blurry and distorted.

  • You are probably refering to the condition "On MoveTo hit target", that just means when the hero reaches the target, do the actions on the right.

    The actions that moves the hero is the one that says "Hero MoveTo move to (platform.BBoxRight, self.y).

    I've modified it a little and commented it so you can understand it better.

  • Thank you so much You've helped me immensely

  • Sorry to be a bother even more but is there a way to make the spawned platforms a random distance away from the previous?

  • Yes no problem. Added another action to randomize position right below the action where the width is randomized. Also modified the scrolling.

  • Thanks again. My new issue seems to be whenever I try and use my hero. and make him jump to the next platform he isn't Technically "Overlapping" it so the platforms do not move. Would I be able to use a compare to command to achieve the same effect?

  • Use "is overlapping at offset" instead. Set it at Y -5 for example.

  • Odd that doesn't seem to be working

    It seems as if the platforming behavior messes with the platforms pretty badly

    It doesn't look like the screen likes to move unless it is clicked

  • Can you reupload your project?

  • Just added Platform behavior to your hero to test this out and it has the same issue

  • MrBadAtThis

    I've modified the project, now it uses jumping and the platform behavior. The longer you hold the mouse button, the higher the jump.

    Make sure you understand how it works and let me know if you need explanation.

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  • what about if i want to exactly immitate the STICK HERO game? the stick bridge version instead of jump version? HOW TO DO THAT?

    thansk! This thread helped a lot!

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