How do I make a game like 2048

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  • You should probably know this game.

    I want to make it with construct 2.

    Shoud i use a array or not ?

    I don't want a game graphicly beautyful but just a way to create a 2048 bot. I want to create a bot which is moving very fast to test the limit of the game.

    I have see a 2048 bot but it is very too slow for me (moving every 0.1 sec. 10 APS .... i want 100 APS)

    P.S. : my best in 4x4 : a case of 8096

    in 6x6, over 9999 (a case of 32.224 )

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  • You might not need an array, but it could be useful if you want to run any heavy simulations.

    For the game itself, it would probably be enough to have each tile store it's own value as an instance variable, and pick tiles by overlapping at offset to run your logic.

    In summary, you can build the game with or without arrays, it is up to you. Are you comfortable using arrays? Or are you more comfortable with objects and picking logic?

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