Funky hybrid game idea-NEED HELP!

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  • Hey guys! I've got a really cool idea for a funky game that'll be a major project. Could I get some help with how to code some things?

    The story idea is this: There's a scientist who's trying to do something that involves the Internet and quantum teleportation. Meanwhile his assistant is playing Tetris. When the scientist, (maybe called Professor Interrobang?) turns on this huge machine, he's zapped and disappears into Tetris land! When he wakes up, he's at the bottom of the assistant's computer screen, in the Tetris game, and there's a door at the top. This is the tutorial level, and when he gets to the top he fights his way through Tetromino robots, rain, bridges, and more! And at the end there's a King Tetris who drops bricks everywhere. But you can climb the blocks (Or wall-jump off of them while they fall) and hit him to attack. He takes 3 hits before he dies, and about then... I need a better story idea. Was it just a dream? Should King Tetris be covering a door back to the teleporter? I need to work on that...

    Anyways I'm stuck on programming it. I need help with the Tetris part. Anyone know how to make a simplified version? All I want is for the player to be able to rotate and drop them. The Doc needs to be able to get squashed by them, to jump off their sides, and to stand on top of them.

    And what should his attack be? Jumping on the robotic Tetrominoes (that are in the Platformer style levels)? Throwing blocks?

    Could somebody help code this? Or maybe we could even start a collab! What do you guys say?

  • The Tetris part reminds me of I Wanna Be The Guy on the

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  • I would recommend just starting with the beginning tutorial, particularly ghost shooter, and then a platform tutorial, and post questions when you get stuck in 'How do I?' for C2, or Help/Tech Support for Construct Classic. Usually open-ended help requests don't get much response.

    also, welcome to Scirra!

  • The game idea sounds quite interesting, but I agree with Lucid, the best thing to do is start small, dont jump straight into this. Before I began my current game project I went through nearly every tutorial on this website to get a good feel for construct 2. Then after doing that I made some simple games of my own that followed the same rules as the tutorials and while doing that I made notes on which of the things I was learning would be needed to make my current project work.

    Then I started work and as Lucid suggests my best bet when unsure was searching the how to forums and if that failed asking a question.

    On a side note from your description, a simple way for the tetris pieces would have a bullet behaviour making them fall downwards (or gravity), and keyboard movement to control them moving left and right in intervals. Then having standard platformer behaviour for the person and there are some good ideas in the how to forum for wall jumping and other cool platformer movements when you are ready.

    You could easily set it so that you control the blocks with one hand and the player character with another. But dont run before you can walk, youll learn all of the above int he tutorials and manuals :)

  • Ok. Thanks guys! I'll work on that a bit.

    And how did you guys know I just got Construct 2? (last month if you want specifics... but yeah, how?)

    But that's some good advice. Maybe I can make games based on the previously decided elements and make ...Dr. Tetris out of a fusion of all the others!

    New question: Is there a way to copy elements from one game into another if I keep the original files?

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