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  • hello guys,, i need litle help here..

    In my game a make one sprite(Spawn) when i click,, a sprite (balloon) spawn and set position round(Mouse.X/25)*25 round(Mouse.Y/25)*25.. true

    and when i click again the sprite has false...

    "balloon - boolean Drop it is true "

    Mouse on Left button Clicked on Spawn || Call "createballoon"

    Function | on "createballoon" || System Create object Balloon on layer 0 at (Mouse.X , Mouse.Y)

    Ballon is Drop It || Balloon set position round(Mouse.X/25)*25 round(Mouse.Y/25)*25

    Mouse on Left button Clicked on Balloon || Balloon Set Drop it to false


    i need to make a fuction when i click the sprite(balloon)

    ---> the spirte(Destroy) get the uid from the sprite(balloon)

    ..and when i click the spite(destroy)

    ---> the sprite(balloon) has Destoyed..or change color or start moving .. or drag and drop or change color or what ever

    ... but only the sprite(balloon)when i click not all..

  • If I understand you correct, you can just do as you have done in the last example:

    Mouse on Left click ballon -> Ballon.destroy

    If you need to make it choose between several things:

    Mouse on Left click ballon -> Choose(function.Destroyballon (Ballon.uid), function.ChangeColor(Ballon.uid)....etc)

  • mouse on lefti click Destoy -- destroy the balloon that one click before ...

    if i have 20 balloon and mouse click one balloon from 20 ---> this balloon is the target.. thats balloon destroyed when i mouse click on destroy (sprite)

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  • Hi CBelle I'm online and need help so can you respond to my post

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