How do I funcions using same sprite in multiple overlap

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  • hello everyone, i am a programer of c++ and java and i am new on construct2. I am trying to make a function and i need some help.

    i want try to use the same sprite on 3 door using a instance variable with number of the zone, using only one text box i can change the text of the text box when the player is overlaping each door? for example when the player is overlaping door with the instance variable 1 the text box show 1, is if overlaping the door with instance variable 2 text box show 2 and that for each other door.

    it if that possible? use the same sprite overlaping effect on different intances? how i can get the code of each overlaping instance effect?

    thanks for you time

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  • The event would be if player is overlapping door, set textbox.text to door.variable. The door picked in the event will be the variable used in the text.

  • cool that work, i need more test thanks you

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