Fullscreen "pop" or resolution change/fit?

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  • On many commerical games, even when you run them at the same exact resolution you use for your monitor natively, the game kinda does a "resolution change" like the old-day style of full screen, the monitor goes black for a second and when you alt+tab or alt+f4 or alt+enter away from the game, it "pops" back, even though the game is running in the same resolution as the desktop is. I wondered exactly why it does this and if it's possible to have C2 games "lock" to the resolution you run them in like that?

  • I'm not sure what the question is exactly..

    What would this locking consist of?

  • It's hard to explain this, but if you try, let's take for example, a 3D game of some sorts released through Steam by a major developer, more often than not when you double-click to start the game, your monitor will do a little "switch" to black and come back again, ALL old games from the 90's that ran full-screen would do this, but in recent times I only really see it on the 3D games and the line, I mean, I can say right now that Duke Nukem Forever does it on my 1280x1024 4:3 screen, I'm just not sure what to call it when the screen does the "switch" to black briefly, and when you run a Scirra (or even MMF) game it never does this, it just goes fullscreen like a Youtube video does (obviously, it's HTML5).

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  • And you want the screen to go black?

    Should be relatively easy right?

  • No, it's not the effect of it, I just want to figure out what causes the game to "adapt" to the resolution rather thansit on top, you notice how with alot of games if you you alt+tab out of it, the screen goes off for a second and then the desktop shows, but then if you click on the game it just shows regularly when the game is windowed? Then you might alt+enter to make it fullscreen and it goes black and then appears in true fullscreen? I guess I want to know what the true fullscreen mode is, vs the sort of fullscreen-windowed-windowless mode that C2 uses.

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