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  • Hi there ive got a problem when im trying to full screen in nw.js browser.

    i originally used letterbox scale and it worked nicely but had black bars either side so i read up on this and people said scale outer would work but the problem is my game only moves to left side of page and doesn't scale to full screen.

    Image Link:


    Thank you

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  • Have you tried using the browser object to set to fullscreen?

  • Thank you so very much for replying and what is the browser object? is it a function or something else?

  • Browser object is another object (Like the sprite object)

    You've to add it by double clicking an empty space on the layout and then choose Browser.

    After that make an action using the Browser to set Fullscreen to Scale Outer

    EDIT: I just saw your image, your problem isn't about Browser fullscreen...

    So you can have a better fullscreen make a bigger background in the layout (That's just to hide the white bars) .. Then re-position your User Interface items to the corresponding places.. This is really tricky so you either stick with another scaling method or learn this way.

  • ahhh dangit well thank you very much for the reply i woulda thought this ocmpanty made a proper fullscreen mode

  • Browser plugin

    Tutorial on supporting multiple screen size

    By the look of your screenshot, it feels like you've actually set the "Crop" full screen option and manually resized your window.

    Possibly provide your capx so we can check out the exact configuration of your project.

  • ahhh dangit well thank you very much for the reply i woulda thought this ocmpanty made a proper fullscreen mode

    There are many fullscreen-modes, choosing the proper one is up to you..

    Because there are so many different people with so many different desires, there are many options..

    Not knowing how you have your events and/or project set up, you might want to try either scale-outer or scale-inner..

    Also using a system scrollto action or scrollto behaviour on your player might help..

    Setting the layout to unbounded scrolling works for some..

  • thank you for your replies in the end i did do scale inner as i already have scroll to player set so it worked out pretty well

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