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  • I'm having some issues with making a project fullscreen.

    I work with pretty small pixel graphics, the background is 117,49, how do I stretch it to fullscreen?

    My current setup is: Layout size: 117,49, margins : 800,600 (I tried setting margins to 117,49 as well)

    When I test it, the screen is tiny in the upper left corner with a big white area around it.

    I just don't get it.

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  • margins are only used in the C2 editor to show space around the layout so you can place objects off screen.

    setting your layout size to 117,49 means your game screen is 117 pixels wide and 49 pixels high. that is a tiny (on a screen that might be 1920 x 1080) !

    choose a more reasonable layout size... then under project settings you will want to choose letterbox scale, or maybe scale outer. there are tutorials and plenty of examples in the forums on how to set up for different screen types.

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