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  • Do you guys have any luck getting Fullscreen ads to work on android devices?

    Im using Admob/Mopub

  • Hi,

    Yes it's possible with CocoonJS but you need to update your CocoonJS plugin manually.

    Find out more here: https://github.com/ludei/Construct-2-plugin

    If you have updated the plugin check this 2 awesome tutorials, by AndreasR showing you how do add admob via mopub and giving you an idea how to handle the leader board service

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1024/m ... onjs-games

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1010/g ... hievements

    I have implemented both in my newest release of Running Rabbit on the google play store.

  • Thanks for the reply Refais23!

    I just tried it, its still the same unfortunately...

    Banner Ads work, but the fullscreen doesnt work.... I get like 24 attempts but 0 impressions on it

  • OH WAIT!!!!! ITS WORKING!! OMG ahahaha

    I was testing on a tablet, while the ads were set as phone scale (didnt know that mattered) but it started working after i set it to "tablet" =)

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  • Hmm, so on the Ludei's site:

    Dev Portal> Services > Ads

    There are 4 spaces for the AppStore: (which is awesome!)

    AdUnit___________ for iphone Banner Ad

    AdUnit___________ for iphone's Fullscreen Ad

    AdUnit___________ for ipad's Banner Ad

    AdUnit___________ for ipad's Fullscreen Ad

    For Google Play, I only see 2......why arent they separated into phone and tablet?

    AdUnit___________ for Banner Ad

    AdUnit___________ for Fullscreen Ad

    Do you know if I'm miss something? how come there's only 2 for Android?

    Is there a way in the settings that can give me a total of 4 AdUnits?


  • refais23 very good game my friend. Its been a week that I am trying to implement the same full screen ad but no luck. Can you please tell me few things:

    1-Did you use new cocoonjs version to compile game?

    2-I have added "Show fullscreen ad" action on a click of a button. So it should work right?

    3-Marketplace is not approved but still it will show something or not?

    Also i updated the cocoonjs plugin.


  • Hello guys!

    Which CocoonJS compiler are you using?

    I've been using version 1.4.7 perfectly, but 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 never showed up any banner. Now they have just released a new version, 2.0.2 and it still won't show the banners.

    Is it really necessary to update CocoonJS plugin manually? I'm using C2 version r175 bet.a


  • I tried both 1.47 and the recent 2.0.2 that was released

    My ads work 100% on iOS because there are 4 Adunits separating phone and tablets.

    But GooglePlay only gives 2 Adunits.......Do you know if this means I am only allowed to pick one?

    Urgh....i hope I dont need to make 2 builds of the game now =(

  • That's also weird. Let me know about the limitation. Could you please enlight my about this issue? Why are you using more than 1 unit? I have always used 1 unit only.

    Please, take a look at the screenshot attached. I'm trying to replace the CocoonJS plugin as recommended on previous replies. While exporting the project I get this error. Have you seen it before?


  • Listen... I have another issue. The previous one cotinues to happen. Anyway... I keep going and ask for the system to try again.

    After exporting, and launching the project on Xcode and running I get the following error at Debug window:

    MOPUB: Banner view (ccc2b4b7b9934d1ab9d1d58d956cfd25) failed. Error: Error Domain=com.mopub.iossdk Code=0 "The operation couldn’t be completed.

    Any ideas why this is happening?


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