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  • Is it possible to make a Fullerene Graph(Hexagon Graph) in Construct 2? I've been messing with resizing and/or stretching(openGL Effect)objects. But, clearly this isn't what I should be using to get my desired effect. Does anybody know how to do this? Or know of somewhere for me to start possibly? Any suggestions welcome.

  • Ok I had to go and study up the mathematics. Provided more questions than answers. What are you wanting to do with them? Are you wanting to navigate through them? Are you wanting to just have them as a background? Are you needing them to be interactive tile pieces. Elaborate please.

  • scirra.com/forum/plugin-canvas_topic46006.html

    This could be what you are looking for. (ofc you still have to calculate the length of lines and angles)

  • AngelEyes

    I'm simply using it for displaying stats(there happens to be six). It doesn't need to be interacted with aside from positioning it on the screen when the player opens their Status Menu(operated by a flag), it does not need to be interacted with.

       I'll elaborate on what I mean by Fullerene(as I may have used the wrong nomenclature).

       There will be a large hexagon, with a smaller, semi-transparent hexagon fixed at its center.

       Each vertex of the larger hexagon will correspond with one of the six player stats(Might, Focus, Dexterity, Fitness, Nerve and Fate), and based on these stats, the corresponding vertex of the smaller hexagon will be stretch toward the outer edge of the larger hexagon.

       This will create a polygon that reflects the players current stats.

    Hopefully that wasn't too hard to follow, let me know if further(or clearer) explanation is needed.

  • JimmyTHicks, that seems a little easier, but still not sure if I am getting it 100%. Are you wanting the small hexagon to animate larger?

    Put this together to see if it helps

  • this

    <img src="http://666kb.com/i/cit1m6phxl4ns85l3.png" border="0" />


    <img src="http://666kb.com/i/cit1lqyrv7b6fmds7.png" border="0" />

    as I said, canvas plugin

    edit: when creating the sprites, paste them onto the canvas and destroy them for better performance

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  • AngelEyes

    Not exactly, I want the smaller hexagon to resize itself based on the players stats. Its(the smaller hexagons) vertex are stretched from the center point based on their corresponding value. The larger hexagon is mainly for show.


    That is what I had in mind, yes.

    Many thanks, I've always been super fond of these graphs in games for some reason. Something too cool about getting a visual representations of your progress.

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