Full screen vs windowed?

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  • Is there a way to do a "Windowed Fullscreen" mode?

    I need to span multiple pixel spaces using multiple outputs on my graphics card and I can do this when I am not full screen but I need to ditch the "browser" look around my app...

    If I use the Fullscreen mode my window is locked to a single pixel space only...


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  • If you are using Node-webkit you can set the window size to whatever you want.

  • I have set my window size to 3840x1080 to cover the two pixel spaces but the app will only run in one pixel space. I need to make it span across both but its not working...

  • Are you talking about spanning across multiple monitors?

  • Yes I need to span multiple monitors.

    I have Extended my desktop so I have separate pixels spaces at 1920x1080 each. I need to span across both monitors, full screen. Currently my project locks itself to one screen or the other, refusing to span across both.

    I have tried with ATI EyeFinity using a 3840x1080 across two displays and this works but it breaks my Touch Screen input.

    I have 1 Touchscreen, 1 non-touchscreen... I need to keep each pixel space separate for the the touchscreen input to work properly...

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