How to make full screen on mobile devices?

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  • Hi there, I'm trying to build a mobile application. Testing the app on mobile devices, it shows black bar on top and bottom of the device, to solve this and to support multiple screen size, is there anyway to stretch the layout to fill the whole screen instead of showing the black bar?

    I had some idea, but it doesn't really work..

    Set a global variable myScale,

    At start of layout,

    • set myScale = WindowWidth/LayoutWidth
    • set layout scale = myScale
    • set layer scale = myScale

    Can anyone share how they make fullscreen on mobile device please..?

  • Well, when I had a problem with full screen on mobile, I just put; Every tick - Set Fullscreen scaling to High Quality. And it worked perfectly.

  • nice! It's working perfectly, thanks dude!

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  • Your very welcome

  • Hi, just in case you want to have your testing in fullscreen on Android, i have just found out this:

    • call your game within the browser. In Example at
    • Once it is loaded call the browser menu and choose "Add to Home screen"

    An icon will be added to your smartphone homescreen

    • Click on it and it will appear in fullscreen without any bars or menus
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