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  • 1.question =

    1.my project layout projet size 4:3 portrait (480,650) latterbox scale.

    2.my project layout projet size 16:9 portrait (480,854) latterbox scale.

    Is the all phone and tablet suitable for full screen? which ?

    helpful : capx - youtube link - Suggestion and Answer

    I don't want the black edge. I want all phone and tablet suitable for full screen.

  • Tutorial:


    Set scaling mode to "Scale outer".

    Set "Unbounded scrolling=yes" in all layouts.

    Add 10-20% more background to all layouts.

  • dop2000 thank you

    this proposal did not offer a solution . Object is not at the bottom of the screen. Start at the bottom of the screen, then the middle.

    solution ((according to the screen size, the objects should automatically change size))

    (construct 2) is not suitable to turn on a mobile device.

    but I will continue

  • I found a possible workaround when I was making a a mobile game to support the different device ratios. Because all tablets and phones have different ratios....

    Set full screen, no letter boxes.

    Now, create a rectangle, this rectangle will be invisible and on HUD layer.

    Set origin points on the rectangle for where all of your HUD elements need to spawn.

    Set the invisible rectangle to be the size of the viewport.

    Have the rectangle spawn all of your HUD elements on it's origin points

    Now all of your hud elements will spawn appropriately no matter the device.

    Now you can experiment with different scaling for the active game layer to get your game the right size.

    Some devices will see more or a little less of the game play area, but your HUD and everything else will be placed nicely regardless.

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  • The same can be done much easier with Anchor behavior.

  • Yes, anchor works great if you are actively resizing the window during gameplay, which isn't true for 99% of games.

  • dop2000

    Anchor? I will search, thank you.I can get help again. .... I could not find it. helpful capx ?


    screen shakes? deportation, image, slip .... aim, color transition game (colorful fly) = youtube.com/watch

    full screen, no slip. (all phone and tablet) compatibility?

    Unbounded scrolling=yes problem

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