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  • Hi!

    I'm having a really tough time understanding why Construct 2 screws up my graphics.

    In the screenshot, I've tried importing 3 different versions of the same character sprite.

    The character is supposed to look like this: ... dntrtq.png

    Basically, I want my whole game to look cartoony and not "sprite-y" or pixelated.

    But whatever I do, I can't get Construct 2 to detect the smoothness of the graphics. Instead, it turns into a pixelated mess that you see in the screenshot. I tried adding a thick black border to attempt to make it look less obvious... but I'm not happy about it.

    I recreated the character in pixel-art style, and I don't think it looks right either.

    I've seen examples of games made on C2 that don't use "pixel-art" (or at least it's hard to tell if they are) so I would love to know what they did in order for their graphics to retain their original quality.

    Precautions I took:

    -Tried both exporting in 72dpi, and 300dpi

    -Tried both rounding pixels option on and off.

    -Tried every form of scaling down.

    -Tried every option of Fullscreen Scaling.

    I'm out of ideas... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

  • tried linear sampling?

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  • There are basically 3 options that have a influence on the graphics rendering, they are all on the left side of the editor under properties:

    • Project Settings: Pixel Rounding
    • Configuration Settings: Fullscreen in browser
    • Configuration Settings: Sampling

    Play around with these, until you are satisfied.

    Sampling Point is normally for Pixel Art, while linear is for Raster or Vector Art.

  • ...........................

  • ...........................

    ... well, yes... Apparently size was the main issue.

    I feel so dumb now.

    But I could have sworn I tried exporting the image, not only in my ideal size (67x155), but in pretty much all sort of sizes before and after.

    This time, however, I tried handling it as a smart object. I think I'm seeing an improvement.

    But I'll take blurry over badly pixelated any day. I'll play around with various image properties until I get the desired result.


    p.s. -I was working on Linear Sampling, and I tried all of the Fullscreen modes. Looks like size was mostly the problem. ._.

  • Also, make sure you are not scaling the sprite in construct after you bring it in.

    Determine the size you want it to be, and design it to that size in photoshop or whatever you are using.

    as soon as you start scaling the sprite in C2 it will get blurry.

  • Thanks! I'll keep this in mind.

    Deep down I was hoping scaling down wouldn't deform the graphics, but at least now I know better.

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