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  • Hi, i'm trying to make a game with different levels. I am new to construct. I am trying to make it where when a codition is met on layout 1, that you go to layout 2. do i need a separate event sheet for layout 2? When i create layout 2 it asks me if i want an event sheet and i create one. Then on the new event sheet i am including the first event sheet. When i run layout 2 by itself my player functions as he does in layout 1. But when i try to pass from layout 1 to layout 2 my player is frozen in place. The player still changes angle to face my mouse cursor, but the player will not move. Could someone give me an idea what i'm doing wrong? I cannot go any further until i solve this.

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  • You should have event sheet like this :

    • a separate event sheet for your character, where every interactions he can have are configured
    • 1 event sheet per layout. In the layouts where you have the player, and need him to interact, include the event sheet "Player".

    Same would go for any other "multi layout module" you could make, like a loading screen, a save system, a custum control system, ...

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