How do I make a frog tongue come back and forth

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  • Hi,

    I want to build a frog tongue that will go back and forth but will be built like a slingshot.

    the player will push on the frog and take her a bit back and than it will fire the tongue depending on the user input power.

    what will be the best way to this?

    slingshot and back to the mouth.


  • You mean like GLENN FROM CHRONO TRIGGER???

    It's a 2-parter.

    First is setting up the angle and relative strength of the Tongue upon release. The release angle is just set to opposite of the PULL angle. Upon release, simply increase the radius of the tongue with respect to your origin point then when the tongue reaches its maximum length or when it hits an enemy, simply decrease the radius.

    I can't build CAPX for you right now as I don't have time but

    Look for Glenn's "Slurp Cut" Technique here:

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    at around time 3:54

    to give you an idea. I'll make CAPX when I get time.

  • Actually, here is good starting point:

    This is very similar to the zelda hookshot.

    What you have to work on now is adjusting the hook's magnitude and drawing the enemy closer to the sprite instead of the opposite.

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  • Couple of ways to do it.

    I would create an animation with the frog starting with tongue in mouth and then several animations with tongue rolling out and put your collision box on the end of the tongue.

    Reverse the animation to have tongue roll back in.

    You could use animation speed to show player input power.

  • not really managed to make something exact.

    could anyone attach a test file to show example?


  • his tongue should be like the angry birds mechanism. but instead of just flying away it should also come back to the mouth.

  • interesting i wonder how to do this

  • Waiting for a savior...

    this is actually the closest thing i found:

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