Make friction work with a circle collision mask

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  • Every time I use a circle collision mask, friction is completely ignored. I tried reducing bounciness to 0 (and friction to 100, even when I suppose anything above 1 will be 1) in both objects, but the ball completely ignores the friction.

    I would do a polygon collision mask, but I want a very big circle interacting, and that just wouldn't work. <- capx demonstrating.

    PS: I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, otherwise I suppose it's a bug (because a ball should stop down a hill if both have such friction!)

  • I had to disable your events as I don't see the issue as it was.

    The yellow ball is rolling down the slope since it has a high friction. If the friction were zero then the ball would slip down the slope. Now if you give the ball a high friction and set "Prevent rotation" to yes then the ball won't go down the slope.

    Does that help or am I missing the issue?

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  • OMG, sorry, I kept on editing the same file, let me revert to original... But shouldn't friction prevent rotation? I want it to rotate, but to stop quickly...

    I'm going to try what you said and see what happens (and save it in another file, sorry, I reverted this to the original).


    What I'm really trying to do is make two balls (rotating normally) attract to each other, and once they're in contact, the bigger ball can take the other around. Like a planet carries things and not let them stay in the same point of space.

  • Friction does not prevent rotation, it only keep the object from sliding on the object it's touching.

    You could apply a torque in the opposite direction as the angular velocity.

    +Every Tick

    ---Sprite2 | Apply Physics torque -0.1*Sprite2.Physics.AngularVelocity

  • Thanks! I got it working n__n!

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