Frenchie in trouble ! (layout size...)

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  • Hi friends !

    I have a very basic question.

    I tried to resolve myself my problem.

    I tried to find solution on our forum, In fact, I'm french and keywords to resolve my problem are not easy to find.

    My problem: I have a layout 800x1200.

    I would like that my Windows view will be at bottom of it and no at top.

    My game is going to need a scroll up.

    A tower that we built, I'd like the pieces of the top of my tower is always in the middle of the screen. (also if you have ideas for that, additional layer?)

    Thanks for your help (I think is easy but not for me, thanks for your understanding, I have already shame on me :p)


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  • Hey David,

    The keyword you are looking for is Scrolling. That will allow to move the window anywhere in the layout you want.

    If you have the position (x,y) of the top of your tower, you can scroll to that location. As you add more layers to the top of your tower, continue tell the window to scroll to the new position (x,y).

    If you want smooth transitions so the window glides from one position to the next, you could use the MagiCam plugin. It works great.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks a lot ! I will try your solution.

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