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  • Hi Community!

    This is the situation:

    I have 3 layout: -Main Menù Layout

    -Level Select Layout

    -Game Layout

    The first and the second layout have some Sprite Buttons with animation on touch, which connect the different layouts.

    The problem: When I touch the button of the first layout and I pass on the second, when I go back to the first, this one is freezed, the buttons and the others animations and events don't work, so I'm stuck on the first. The same thing happens when I proceed to the third and then go back to the second.

    What can I do?

    (Sorry for any grammar mistakes)

  • Can you post the capx so we can see more clearly? The logic seems OK so I'm guessing the problem is in the way you did the events.

    Did you include the event sheet in the other event sheets? Did you set the event sheet on the other layouts?

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  • Thank's for your reply!

    Here's the first event sheet for the Main Menu Layout (MenuPrincipale)


    The second one is this (MenuLivelli)


    I don't know if can be useful but I've an event sheet for any layout, so 3 events sheets

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