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  • <font color=blue>Hi , I sometimes want to import a sprite but don t want the background color behind the pictures itself . I just want the sprite which often is an irregular shape .

    I tried the free form selection tool with Paint and the Lasso tool with Paint.Net but I am not able to get rid of the silly background and don t want to modify the whole project ! Can anybody please help ?


  • I believe what you're looking to do is create a semi-transparent PNG. PNG graphic files utilize an "alpha" value for each pixel in the image. That alpha value represents the degree of transparency of the respective pixel, the degree to which you can see through it.

    That said, here's a quick video on how to get total alpha transparency using You'll need to save to PNG format for it to show in your C2 project.


  • Hi ,

    thank you very much !

    That all sounds very interesting .

    Where can I see the video ?

  • Hey ,

    sorry I am in China nothing shows under your message , just a big space .

    I assume the video is there . With everything being censored here we are not able to see a lot of things that in the west are available.

    Do you have a link or another way to show me the video ?

    I really appreciate !

  • The link I gave was from YouTube. Here's the bare link in case you're able to somehow use it.

    Barring that, you could try searching Google for "How to make a transparent image in". There are a lot of links under that search.

    I found the following with a quick search and while it's a forum discussion, it's all relevant and the initial example seems to explain it well.

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  • Thank you very much for your time!

  • Hi,

    i looked at the video !

    Very neat and easy.

    However when I insert the sprite in Construct2

    it is not visible ?

    Would you know the reason why ?

    Thanks again

  • i figured it out , thank you here was something wrong with that project .

    Thanks a lot for your help !

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