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  • Hello wonderful people

    Basically I imported a few frames into a sprite and turned on the loop BUT the loop looks terrible..

    I am trying to get it to be a continuous perfect loop.(hopefully this is an easy fix..heads up guys I'm a construct noob. I'm open to any suggestions to help make my frames loop perfectly)

    I will post up some free to use animated art I have and or send it to the person who can fix this

    here is the project file Thank you and GOOD LUCK

  • Cant you Create frames that end up with a pattern? The Last frame should reach a state that is just before the first frame, and set to loop.

    Or, you can fadeout the flakes gradually and create new ones before complete fadeout.

    These are just my ideas, I dont think with the way the sprite is made it can loop flawlessly unless you create the frames for that.

  • I've created a white dot sprite and animated it by code and Sine behavior, you can create all you want.

    By default, it's creating a dust mote each 0.3 seconds, you can change it as well as its vertical speed and random sizing range in the Event Sheet. The horizontal movement can be edited changing the Sine behavior selecting the "White" sprite.

    Don't need the reward, i've been asking many questions to the community lately and it was time to give something back to it. I think this can be useful for some other people too .

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  • I assume you're trying to create some sort of day/night cycle. If that's the case, I feel you'd be much better off with a more dynamic approach to the animations, so I'd suggest the use of particle effects which can then be switched on/off or adjusted in runtime depending on what you need. You'll also save loads on memory and download size since it just uses a single-frame, small PNG as its base.

    I've attached an example of that in action. Pay special attention to the opacity randomiser listed under "Particle lifetime properties". This gives the stars a subtle twinkling effect.

  • If you are feeling especially lazy, just increase the speed of the animation.

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