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    carl (203) about an hour ago


    I don't undestand i need more help with the Physics side of fps as i have sprites that are just controlled with physics and no direct movement controls and when i try on the local testing on my phone and tablet the fps is diabolical thanks for the little bit of help on this tutorial but i need more.


    Ashley (38.5K) 27 minutes ago


    carl best post to the forum for help! However, have you tried "Set Stepping Mode" to "Framerate independent" in Physics like the tutorial mentions?

    sorry Ashley yes I have it was the first thing I did, still very very slow almost to the point of not moving, since then I have scrawled the forums and the game I have created is mainly for phones and android apps in mind, as I see so far construct 2 even though it is an amazing bit of kit it isn't ready to produce phone apps, mainly because of the fps problem, i have spent all my time creating my game/app using construct 2, omg it is fantastic and definitely the things to come, so unless i can work out the fps problem and guarantee that it can uploaded to phone apps so it runs as smooth as it does on my pc its looking as like i will have to put my app on the back burner and just create A BOG STANDARD PC WEB SITE GAME :-( so if anyone can help me it will be much appreciated.

    thank you

    carl :-)

  • Physics objects simply destroy phones. I think most phones CPU is simply not powerful enough. The only phone I have seen that does a half decent job of it, is an iPhone 4 and 4S. Even the iPad 2 gets terrible FPS, and most android phones totally crap themselves. My friends Galaxy S2 completely froze after getting so hot it felt like the battery was about to explode, while running a fairly mild physics simulation with half a dozen colliding objects.

    Hand held devices are simply not made to deal with something as hardcore as physics, just yet. Give it a few years (for better hardware) or wait for some major HTML5 improvements (like WebGL support) on phones.


  • thank you <img src="smileys/smiley24.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Just to step in here. The phones are capable of physics. I've seen Ludei examples with a hundred physics objects rolling around. I am trying to get my app to work on mobile with maybe 30 squares and it is reallly slow.

    Load the default physics puzzle game on the phone and you might see what i mean. Blocks fall really slow motion. I feel like this could be solved with a simple use of DT or something..

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