Framerate halved for no reason

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  • So I've had this weird issue with Construct 2 on this thing i've been working on, where when I compile it sometimes runs at half speed for no apparent reason. Most of the time it ran 60fps no problem, but occasionally when i clicked "Run Layout" something about it would compile differently and run at half speed. Refreshing did not make a difference, that version always ran at half speed. If I clicked "Run Layout" again without making any changes, it would sometimes be fixed. It was random. Eventually it stopped doing this and was consistently running at 60.

    Now, though, it is consistently compiling to run at 30fps, when I have made no changes. After running it at 60 last night and having made no changes to it since then, when I opened the project today it always compiles and runs at 30. wtffffffffffffffff

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  • Are you sure there aren't any background processes on your computer or other graphics-intensive applications that could be stealing CPU time?

    You could also try some other browsers - usually between Chrome, Firefox and IE at least one of them works well for regular local previewing.

  • Huh, weird. Guess it's a Chrome issue. Works fine in Firefox. Thanks!

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