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  • Hi friends,

    I've been testing a very very simple prototype on a cell phone (Iphone 5). I've never tried to play Construct games with the phone, but I found a problem when playing. As the gamme slightly stutters, the jump strength (platform behaviour) seems to change depending on the framerate. Sometimes I'm gonna jump and, instead of jumping, for example, 500, it jumps above or sometimes below that strenght. Sometimes the character can't jump over a platform and some other he can.

    Is it possible to regulate this somehow? Some tips to improve performance in phones?


  • There are a few tutorials and search the manual, that cover improving performance. You should always do a search.

    Here are a few to get you started:

  • Also, the jump height will never be exactly the same from one jump to another. This was a big issue in a game I made where a 10 pixels variation was too much. The solution I came up with was to have an invisible solid object always located at a certain height over the character to stop it from jumping higher.

    Of course, when FPS gets really low, anything's still possible... (as my tester found out when trying my game on an old computer at about 10 or 15 FPS, which resulted in very funny glitches, such as the character flying around the place)

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  • Thank you Kan. that's exactly what I was thinking. It's very, very important to be careful about framerate depending issues, like colission detecting or values slightly "dancing" up and down.

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