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  • Hello everyone,

    As you can see this is my first post, indeed I rarely ask for help I only do it if I really need.

    I'm working on a rpg and I came across a doubt, I did a system that when player is level 20 you can change class and to do this I used the frames (player level 20, set player frame to 1) and my doubt is this: is this really the best way to do this? I have no animation yet (jump, run, atk...) can i make the animation for both frames and the future coming?

    Thanks for you time.

  • I use animation, because if I want to change an image later to an animation, I don't need to reprogram it. You also can have a animation with just 1 frame, so there is no big different (I didn't see one).

    Also within an animation you can have several frames.

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  • Animation is probably better as you can then add frames for them for movement. You will probably want to set a variable for the player that determines the class and controls which animation to use.

  • Great thanks to both of you for the quick reply, im going to use the animation then

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