frame detection (bubble pop-like)

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  • Hi, i am kinda new to C2 been playing around with it for about 2 weeks and i am making a bubble-pop like game i have all the things i need accept i cant get my ball to detect the frames of the bubble it's hitting.

    this is my setup:

    Bubble: animations 0 - 3 (Red, Green, Blue, Pink)

    Ball: Same as above

    each time the ball is fired it makes a new one with a random frame (colour)

    <img src="" border="0" />

    the above dose not work it just destroys the ball no matter the frame (colour)

    i have tried changing the bubble to ball still no dice.

    also is there any way to detect if there is 3 or more of the same frame connected if so destroy all of the same frames connected.

    thank in advance.

    EDIT: Also i am still using the free version if that makes a difference (hopefully getting personal soon)

    EDIT2: i mean bullet not ball in my setup

  • i have it working now was just messing with a few things, still need some help on detecting if others of the same frame are connected.

  • small bump

  • I'm not sure what's supposed to be happening, here. Can you post you capx?

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  • have you played a bubble pop game? < like this

    i am trying to get it to detect when i hit a colour (I.E Blue on blue) if more are connected to the blue (of the same colour (blue))




    XXO < The ball i fired

    so when the 'O' hits the other 'O' all 3 'O's will pop but not the 'X'

    How do i post that? sorry i'm new

  • Hi Nesterwork, i'm also working at a bubble shooter game, like the one at the link in your post, have you managed to finish the game developement?

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