FPS Issue on Firefox using Physics

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  • Hi scirra community;

    I was not sure if this is a bug, so I decided to post it on here before proceeding, during some of my stress testing I found performance issue when using the Physics Behavior in Firefox 34.0.5 which does not impact Chrome [I did not test other browsers]. I tested this by creating a new project with a TileBackground and running it for a few minutes, then a few minutes later add the Physics behavior, run it and wait a until I saw the FPS start to drop. I did this by running it with the debug layout and monitoring the FPS dropping, this usually happen in about 5 minutes or so. please see picture below for illustration, is this an issue with firefox?


  • Hi,i just purchase C2 yesterday and i have the same problem,its running at 60fps for a while then the fps drop to 8-15 and doesnt come back,firefox memory usage also goes all over the place jumping roughly 40mb memory usage.

    I also tried an empty project (to be sure if it was not my fault) and i had the same fps drop,no graphic no events.

    It happen between 1 to 5min after opening it on firefox 34.0.5

    No issue under IE11.

    (it seems to work fine on my side now, all i had to do is put the preview back on Localhost and did a 10min test without major fps drop)

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  • iSebz just to double check, so your not seeing any issues with Firefox anymore using physics?

  • Ok , i just tested it with the ragdol example for 10 min and it ran smooth at 60fps.

    edit:with preview on localhost

  • I just tryed the ragdol example again but with wifi preview on my ip (instead of localhost) , after 36 seconds its went down to roughly 8-15 fps and my whole browser (firefox) was lagging.

    No problem under InternetExplorer , 60fps the whole time.

  • on mine it happens during localhost, but will double check this when I get a chance, thnx iSebz

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