50 fps in an empty project?

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  • Hi there!

    I´m developing a runner with stages, non an endless, so the layout is 10000px width, (clearbackground set to NO). When I preview in debug mode, I´ve got about 50 fps. So I start to delete things till I´ve got an empty project, no objects, and no events, and fps still being about 50fps... I´ve been searching Performance tips tutorial, but I can´t find my mistake. I don´t know why this happens even in an empty project. Any idea?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Debugger itselfs adds some % to cpu usage because it need to show you a lot of data in real time. Instead of Inspect panel, try watching it in Profile panel if you do not need any infos about objects.

  • Also, just to be sure, how did you test it and what is the refresh rate of your monitor (if it is 50hz, that would explain everything).

  • Hey thanks a lot for your quick answer!

    Watching it in the Profile tab I get 60 fps, even with all the objects in the layout. But when I preview the game at the tablet it performances got some kind of disturbing jumpcuts... So I suposed the problem was that 50 fps I use to get at the Inspect tab.

    I do the test with Chrome browser. As I´m getting 60 fps in other games, I guess the monitor rate must be 60 fps.

  • I misread, the inspect tab indeed adds overhead to the game (like a lot actually, never managed to have 60 fps on my laptop with it) so for just testing without the need for the debugger, I suggest using the system expressions cpuutilisation and fps to have an idea of the performances of the game (for exemple, set every 0.5 seconds a spritefont to "fps:"&fps&", cpu:"&cpuutilisation*100&"%" ), or the watch tab.

  • I didn´t know that trick. I´ve got 60 fps, I don´t know why the game performance those jumpcuts when I preview it at the tablet... I´ll check tutorials and forums again. The answer must be there!

    Thanks a lot!

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