How do I found Complete list of variables.

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  • Complete list of variables.

    I created a play without the use of variables. It 'nice but really boring. I would like to use the variables but I can not find a complete list of those adoperabili 2. Construct direct me know? The manual I have not found.

    Knowing the exact list I avoid posting too many questions here. It took me two weeks to find out that there is one special to make the life bar ...!

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  • Complete list of variables:

    Global variables: can be either strings (text) or number (available in all layouts)

    Local variables: can be either strings (text) or number (available in a certain part of an event sheet)

    Instance variables: Can be either strings (text), number or boolean (true,false) (available for objects)

    You can decide the name of the variables yourself and choose which type of variable you'd like it to be..

  • In most tutorials found here, talk about life and life to achieve maximum life bar. I thought there were of "pre-packaged" but I think it's better that way. Thank you! You took a big weight in the stomach and now I can not study with doubts.

    Thanks again.

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