Formula for "Image points"

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  • I need an equation that would spawn "stickers" based on the user's input.

    -The user would drag and drop the sticker onto a sprite (generated from user media)

    -Then, after clicking a save button, the program will take the usermedia and fullscreen it, and take the stickers and place them in the relative points on the usermedia sprite.

    -The equation would have to be dependent on the edges right? (since the image will most likely be changed before save)

    • Another use- if the user moves the usermedia sprite to get a better view, the sticker would have to move along with the sprite too.

    I've looked into dynamic image point manipulation- but that seems to be non-existant. Another solution I thought of was to save a layer as an image... but again I have yet to find that possible. If there is a simpler way of doing this- I am open to suggestions

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  • There should be no need for imagepoints.

    If you have all the origins set up to be on the left upper corner you could use the relative distance between sticker and upper left corner of the user media object as a reference.

    Compare the height and width of the user media object in "edit mode" with the height and width before export and adjust the size and position of the "sticker" accordingly.

  • Okay, thanks :) I honestly needed help putting together the logic.

    I had all these complicated ways- but figured I was thinking too much into it.

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