formula for adding coin depends on 2 thing

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  • hi

    my game have 3 resources : coin , medal , level

    player1 have: 100medal , 10level


    when player1 win the game : game must add coin to him but it must be depends on medal and level of player1 and player2

    base formula : add level*10 coin to player1 so add 10*10=100coin (so if medal and level of two player be equal then player1 get 100 coin)

    but i want if player2 have more medal and level (like : player2: 200medal , 20level ) then player1 get more coin something like 200coin (number must depends on medal and level)


    and if player2 have less then player1 medal and level (like : player2: 50medal , 5level ) then player1 get less coin something like 50coin

    what is the formula !?

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