How do I format numbers?

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  • How do I format numbers?

    For example I want to do something like "%5.2f".

    5.1, 12.05 and 3.006 should be " 5.10", "12.05" and " 3.01". keep in mind the spaces.

    I know how to work around that, but it doesn't seem elegant enough.

    My problem might seem similar to:

    but it's not the same ^^ I don't want "at most" 2 decimal points. I want it to be constant. round(number*100)/100 won't work, because 1 would be still 1, not 1.00, also it doesn't help me with spaces.

  • The zeropad() expression is helpful here. Example:


    text = int(var) &"."&zeropad(round((var%1)*100), 2)

    Could have issues with a number like 1.995 though. Another option is some plugin ( the forum has a listing in the plugin section that can be looked through) or using some javascript through the browser object's browser.execjs() expression. Example:

    set text to browser.execjs("parseFloat(Math.round("& var &" * 100) / 100).toFixed(2);")

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  • Construct 2 doesn't have any formatting helper... you need to create your own formatting expression.

    I guess this could work :

    right(" " & floor(number), 2) & "." & zeropad(round(number * 100) % 100, 2)[/code:zk73q0i1]
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