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  • K so,

    I have two tires, i give them physics.

    i have a car.

    i add revolution joint from the tires to the car.

    on key is down d

    I apply torque, which i assume made the wheels spin, nothing really happens.

    If i say wheels rotate clockwise,they spin, but the car doesnt really move.

    I thought i understood torque, can someone explain what I'm doing wrong?

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  • I haven't really messed around with this sort of stuff, but I created a quick capx using your procedure and it works fine.

    The only thing I can think is you're using the wrong keyboard condition; maybe you're using on key pressed, instead of key down? Or perhaps you didn't give the car object the physics behaviour?

  • Heres why it didnt work. But i am having a problem.

    The reason it didnt work is because im creating the revolute joint from the tire to the car, instead of vise versa.

    The problem im having now is, i want it to be at a certain point on the car, and be in the riht location.

    I say car: Create object: Tire: at image point # so it will be in the right place,

    but now the problem is the tire is not spinning on its center axis, it is just flopping all over the place, like a cartoon car that walks.

  • how do you have version 141?

    it doesnt work for me, the most recent one i can download is 139, WHERE do you get 141

    sheesh its like everything is a big secret in this ridiculous site.

    on the download link 139 is the latest version.

  • If you slide to the bottom of this very page, you'll see "Beta Release (r141)"

    In the same order of idea, the "Download" tab on the homepage of the site is by default "Latest Stable release", but you also have the "Latest beta release" tab at its immediate right.

    Things aren't secret on the website, but things are meant to be clicked on and read.

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