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  • I'm creating an Asteroids clone and have an issue with the enemies.

    When an enemy is created it's assigned a random angle. The sprites are set with WRAP so when they go off screen they come back on the other side. Problem is there's space just off screen that is still treated as part of the screen but the enemies aren't visable.

    So, if the enemy is assigned, let say 90 degrees and is in this space off screen, it will continue to wrap around this 'channel' out of view of the player!

    Is there a way to correct this? Can I reduce the size of this channel or is there some other ways to get around the issue.

    Hope I've explained it well enough.

    Here's my CAP. Ignore everything else, I'm learning and already know of better ways to do some of the things I've done but I need to get this right before moving one. Cheers for any help.

    The CAP is 24 meg due to graphic animations, sorry about that :)

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