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  • Hi! I'm working on a top-down football. I have a problem. I want to use the physics of the ball and players. I added the action ball - the ball collided with the player, and then "Create a joint distance," but if you were turning the ball starts to roll behind the player. :( How can I get the ball rolling before the football player?

  • mmmm There would be many ways to do this..

    Taking into consideration that you are using Physics and would have less physical control than any other way...

    I cant see any single solution would be adequate..However, I would experiment with several and find which ones works best for your game...or combination of the best..

    Some options I would experiment with include

    1:- an Invisible helper sprite that assisted in controlling the ball...You could make it any shape you like (concave shape??) and set its angle to the angle/direction of motion of the player.. To always "scoop" the ball to a point of course..because there would always be moments when you "lose the Ball"..this could even be something as simple as two bars of intersected guides that saddle either side of the ball...

    Like this

    2:-You could always try to call a set position event first for the ball...or move at angle to position near your players foot and update it as necessary every tick if need be...The screen update would be so fast that it should appear instantaneous...if you need to vary the amount of "Stick" use a variable that is linked to a floating integer of the players speed of motion, angle, whether he is being tackled this variable increases or decreases you would have more or less control over where the ball is...up until the point that you have no control or FULL control...

    3:- use some sort other system that is NOT cant think of any more right now..I would use a mix of the two...Physical objects that "Help" and a system of floating variables that help "fix" it to the player via the width of the helper sprites.. based on certain game relevant factors..

    eg: Player speed decreases control of ball

    & Player skill level increases control of ball

    & Player is tackled by opposing side and match is in Great Britain..= Riot and Hooligan increase by 64%..

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  • mystazsea, You awesome! Thank you! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • You are most welcome....Cant wait to see what you make...Hope you get it happening...Experimentation is the key to finding a good game mechanic...You often find good ones by accident...Like the Tribes 2 Slider the first game it was a bug..but players loved it so much they made it a proper feature..I guess a bug can be a good thing depending on how you see it...

    I always find the best luck comes at 3 in the morning while you are pouring over the manuals....or other

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