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  • Hello everyone,

    I allow myself to ask you for help, I made a little prototype of a football game 2 players. Here I used the physics behavior to create a link between the ball and the player. But I find it not very optimized but I have no idea for the player with the ball does not get lost.

    Any idea?

    I attached my proto you thank you again for your help ... .capx?dl=0

  • Mixing physics-behaviour with any other behaviour is not wise..

    If I understood what you mean with: " I have no idea for the player with the ball does not get lost"

    I might be able to help..

    For now I think you should either make the players have physics behaviour also or change the balls behaviour to bullet and play around with the settings untill it works like you want..

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  • Thanks for your answer,

    I mean : when the player touch the ball, i don't want lose it ,if the player press the shoot bouton or if it's touch with an other player. I don't know if it's clear or not .

    I think I shall tried your idea .

    thanks a lot

  • u mean u want the ball to stick near the player while running? u can try using pin, but then u have to disable enable it each time its going to shoot or deposes other players! that's kinda the only way to make it in a top view! which im guessing ur trying to make it! if u dont use the pin behavior u can use a boolean and a everytick condition to set the position and angle but then again is the same thing as pin behavior! hope it helped u!

  • I guess you could set the football to selected on collision or based on distance and add actions to make it stay close to the player when selected..

    Then on kicked set selected to false and make it move the way you'd like..

  • u mean u want the ball to stick near the player while running?!

    Yes it's this.

    thanks for your support and your help this evening I try your solution and the LittleStain's solution.

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