How do I use font for html5

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  • Hi, I'm doing a game for HTML5 and I have my own server (ubuntu 14.04) to install it. When I do test on it with another computer, my font are never shown. Even if my game work perfectly I tried this: ... ur-project

    Also I tried the events ''Font Face'' but won't working either. I only see the standard font and I really don't know what to do to solve this. I heard about appmanifest.json and things like that.

    Also, on my main computer (where the font is install) I see the fonts and the game is exactly what it must be.

    Thank you

    (If you don't understand my english, please let me know it)

  • Have you tried to use just web font?

    It will convert your font to online font and you don't really need to install that particular font in your pc.

    Event - Every Tick

    Action - (Text object) set web font > "(name of the font)" and from "(font URL)"

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  • What does «Every tick» mean ?

    I tried with another computer with Chrome, that works, but in Mozilla Firefox, it's really slow to the font to load (on the same computer).

    Maybe, coincidence.

    Thanks for the answer !

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