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  • I'm just a little confused about fonts. All the tutorials are getting into stuff I don't want to get into-- loading in fonts, making them sprites, etc... I'm not looking to do all that.

    I'm just wondering if I make a text box in Arial, Impact, Georgia, Times New Roman, or Courier... is it going to show the same for PC, Android, and iPhone? Will it automatically show the correct font on all devices, or will it default to some other font on these due to that font not being installed on that device by default? Or maybe Construct 2's smart enough to know how to carry it over to display in the app anyway?

    It's a concern because I was thinking of using Impact in the upper right, for example... if it's changed to another font on another device, it'd run that text off the screen.

  • Use spritefonts rather. Check tutorial section for usage of spritefonts. Far better and runs on all devices and looks same on all devices.

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  • I mentioned in the post-- saw that but wasn't looking for that with what i'm doing.

  • All of the concerns you mention are valid - each device/OS deals with fonts differently. This has nothing to do with C2. Fonts are always managed by the device. The only guaranteed mechanism for all cases is to use SpriteFonts.

  • Ok that's what I thought. Thanks

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