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  • A friend of mine can't log in :/ idk why, but he asked me if i could post a thread for him asking how to make characters that follow the one selected.

    He wants to make a platform game about three characters, each one with differences, so you have to select one at time to resolve puzzles, meanwhile the other two must follow you but without collision... is there an easy way to achieve this??

    anyway thanks to all for reading this (:

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  • Yes there is......of course there is ..what it comes down to is how you want to do it.

    The basics of a system that would handle it for you would be..(hoping your friend understands Construct 2 Event sheets)

    You could use any of the following kinds of events..

    1- Use a Path node system using invisible waypoints that drop only when your player is moving and the following toons always move to the last one.

    2- Use the Bar or rope style Pin functions    I would probably try that one first...and if you need more distance ..use an invisible helper sprite pinned first to add more distance..and either the Bar or Rope style.

    3- Build a more complex AI following Routine..using distance calculations and "is player moving" function calls..

    eg : is player moving then make character follow at distance x

    this may be your best option especially if you want them to look natural and have their own jumping/climbing functions independent of the main Toon..

    If you need more than those ideas..I will eat a bag of of these would have to work...

    On a side note I have nearly completed my Platform Enemy AI Example..Requested elsewhere in these forums... just for you Grumpymeerkat I might put in this feature as well cos I can see where it would be handy..

    and I am making the AI example as comprehensive as Possible...

    not long till its done...

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