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  • Hey everyone! ^^

    Problem here, I'm trying to create a sliding fog effect in a big room, and tried using the Wrap and Bullet behavior on a tiled image.

    Problem is, the wrapping isn't working... it just keeps moving as a whole image, wothout the end back in the beginning to loop the start of it... : (

    Anyone knows another way to do that?

  • In c2 you would need to use 2 images right next to each other, but not overlapping.

    You then have the first image move when its completely off screen, and then the other the same way.

  • I think that by "Big room" you mean that you have a large layout (larger than the project size).

    Wrap doesn't occur when an image goes out of the "project view" but when it is out of the layout.

    If you have a huge layout, especially in comparison with the viewport, you may have the impression that it doesn't wrap, when in fact all you need is to wait for the spirte to reach the layout boundaries.

  • newt

    1 - Loved your avatar image, but looking too much at it scares the hell outta me.

    2 - I think i got what you said, but it didn't work.


    Ok. But what do i do to compensate its "Cut" on the beginning while it doesn't reach the layout boundaries? (Wich btw, i think it does... but oh well...)

  • Post your .capx, we will see from there what is the best course to run.

  • I've wondered similar things, I'm sure the developers are working hard to add a Paralax option. I may suggest this actually in the forums.

  • I've wondered similar things, I'm sure the developers are working hard to add a Paralax option. I may suggest this actually in the forums.

    Paralax? <img src="smileys/smiley22.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • CenSilver: I had overseen that it was a tiled image.

    Check this topic which is an implementation of what Newt spoke about.

    dcrew: there is already a parallax option in C2 (in the layer properties).

    Check the beginner'guide about HUD.

  • Ok, i'll give them a look.

    Thanks for the intel! ^^

  • Comment: Guys, the parralax setting is (Apparently) useless to me. i want the clouds to move independingly, not when the player/camera does. But thanks nonetheless, 'cause i didn't even knew what it was before anyway. XD

  • Post redundant - somehow missed the first post :/

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  • CenSilver

    You might try adding 'foggy' sprite image, decrease it's opacity, place on a layer all across your layout, give them the 'bullet' behaviour, and set speed to something like 5-10 pixels a second. You can add as many images you like and they would slowly move across the screen.

    Hard to explain but I've amended someones capx (sorry whoever you are - can't remember) to show what I mean.

    Is THIS any good?

    Read the first posts.

    That was my first idea, but it would be really hard to do 'cause as i said it is a really big room, so placing one by one the clouds would be really difficult. (Read - Take a lot of time)

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