How do I make a fog effect?

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  • Hello, I am relatively new to Contruct 2 and need help. I am making a top-down shooter game and want to make a fog effect. I put in a tiled background for the fog and put it on the top layer, then lowered the opacity. What I need to know now is how to make the fog move slowly to the right. I feel like without this effect, it doesn't feel like actual fog. Thanks in advance!

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  • First, the fog image must be continuous. His end is to amend the beginning to transmit an infinite continuity.

    The information below take into account that your game has the resolution of 800x600 and the fog image size is 800x600.

    On start of layout

    FOG - Set size to (LayoutWidth+1600, 600)

    FOG - Set position to (0,0)

    System Every tick - FOG - Set X to Fog.X-(dt*120) (or put a value that you think more apropriate)

    FOG X <= -800 - Set X to 0

    Good luck!

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