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  • Hey, how do i making a games, like (Owl City Game)

    Flying the bird, on key "space" pressed, bird can go to the up ! like jump !

    I cant imagine the events ! [:^(]

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  • First I suggest start reading some tutorials rather than jumping right in. My first project was doing the ghost shooter basic tutorial. That helped me understand how to put together C2 games. I then read the manual on the components.

    However to answer your question.

    * Assign your sprite the "Custom Movement" behaviour

    * Add the Keyboard plugin(or mouse if you want to use that)

    * Create an Event to watch for the spacebar

    -> Keyboard Space is down(action : sprite accelrate at angle(20 force, -90 angle)

    * create and ELSE event to the spacebar

    -> ELSE( action: sprite accelerate at angle 30 force, 90

    fine tune the up and down controls.

    and now your done.

    I strongly suggest learning by following the instruction of a few tutorials. the bird flight controls are super simple using C2.

  • Its worked for me ! with 100 force, -90 angle and ELSE 120 force, 90 angle.. Like Owl City Game

    Thank you !

    Regard !

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