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  • Hi everyone,

    I just discovered this great software and just starting to code my plateformer game. At the moment I have my player that can perform a double jump (thanks to the platformer:double jump topic) then I would like my player to settle in the air at the end of my second jump . For that I change the gravity to 0 and I turn on the player's 8 directions behavior and disables the platform user input.

    The problem is that my player deviated up without stopping.

    I have not found a solution for it until now, so if someone has a solution for a newbie like me, that would be nice ! Thank you! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • a capx would be pretty helpful.

    by the way...why should he fly after jumping??

  • In fact, my character has the ability to fly. The idea is to use the second jump before flying.

    For now i try to add a customMovement action but it doesn't change anything

    Here is the

  • Hi,

    I finally fund something that works, I just set the platform max fall speed to 0 and let the gravity to default.

    I also use both platformer an 8 direction inputs on flying.

    The when the player stop flying I change back the max fall speed to default.

    That's all!

  • you could have:

    • set the vector Y of the platform behaviour to 0
    • disable the platforms behavior
    • enable the 8 direction

    (just I find the disabling more obvious to understand when coming back to the code, but it is a matter of opinion I guess)

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  • Hi,

    That's what I have done!

    I also create a new instance "FlyAction" to my object so I can get back to the platformer user input if the jump button is pressed again.

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