How do I get Flurry working properly

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  • Hello All,

    I am still new to C2 so please bare with me I have in beta testing for my first app. just working through a hiccup or two and one is Flurry Analytics. I have searched forum feeds and no where does it fully explain how to get it working properly. I use flurry in my other apps but my developers integrated it manually and this is my first app by myself. So is there anywhere that has a tutorial on how to get it working properly? I have created the app in flurry added the api key to C2 but its still not showing up in flurry. I also realize its not immediate I test open the app on multiple devices for different periods of time then wait an hour to see if its capturing the data and its not. I have started a session and everything still not working. I just want to log the basic data on how many open and how long what flurry does automatic.

    The fourm post where thehen announced it gives a demo file.

    i copied the same things into it but still not working.

    It seems like an amazing plugin i just can't get it please any help would be great. I feel im just missing one little thing for it to work.


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