How do I floor slide

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  • Title kinda says it all. I have implemented many different methods of movement into my alpha so far (basic WASD movement, short jump/high jump, double jump, wall jump, wall slide, and portals) but that tricky floor slide eludes me. Anyone have hints or suggestions?

  • I'm afraid we need a little more information. When it comes to "floor slide," do you mean you want the player to be able to slide across the ground to say get under low hanging barriers? Or is it more like the floor is covered in a slippery substance causing the player to slide around and making controlling the character more difficult?

  • FragFather is right, we need more information, if you are after a slipery surface the key for it to work is having 0 friction between objects, so in case in are using a physics object, setting the friction to 0 will do the trick

  • I apologize for the lack of information, that is my bad. What I mean is something similar to the floor slide present in Megaman games. So as you put it, , to allow the player to be able to slide across the ground for example under low hanging barriers.

  • That should just be a simple case of moving the character to the right or the left while you're pressing the slide button.

    You can even put a timer on it to make it stop sliding after a certain time.

    It would also help to insert a condition where it's only possible to slide while you're touching the floor.

    Unless you want to slide while jumping.

  • as rezagamertag said, Just move your character quicker while sliding, I assume you are using the platform behaviour for movement, so whenever you want to slide, let's say you must be:

    onFloor = true

    slide button is down

    trigger once

    --set platform behaviour speed to speed*2

    and then use a timer to set the speed to the original one after the desired time.

  • Wow. Why didn't I think of that. I had the conditions right but I had move to for the action. Thanks. i will give that a go.

  • I'm doing this now. How does this look? Is there a better way?

  • Maybe this will give you some ideas ...

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  • You can not place triggers in a function.

    They are functions (in some sense) already, and they get called when something happens.

    Timers are already dt corrected. Just feed them seconds.

    If you slide that line between the conditions and the actions to the right, i can read the conditions.

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