How do I do this to the floor?

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************ 2D top down floor spikes **************
  • A few more things i need help with if anyone knows how to do them;

    1) i have made it so that the floor scrolls with a custom movement behavior, it makes it look like the characters are actually running, the only issue I'm having is getting it to continuously flow. I added an event that makes it so that every X seconds it moves back to its starting position but it's too noticeable during game play, is it possible to make it so it flows any other way?

    2) regarding the flooring again, would it be possible to break up the solid floor every so often with a gap, im planning on making it an area where you have to jump onto platforms to make it over the water, i'd have to remove the solid effect on my invisible background at only that part i think.

    Sorry if i haven't explained it well, i'm not that good at either construct 2 or explanations in general. if you need anymore information i'll try and help out on my end and thanks in advance for any help or even just looking at the post.

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  • There are few template files that comes with C2, check one called Autorunner.

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