floating point errors

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  • i have this function:


    i use it on all of my sprite font numbers, in order to avoid floating points error.

    This work for 99% of the cases, and fixes most error caused by multiplying numbers

    Yet, a number like this: 4418829.9

    will be converted to: 4418829.900000001

    i need to support up to 6 digits after dot

    i dont understand how float number works and i need help

    *simply removing a single 0 from 1000000000, seems to fix it for this specifc number

    *i thought also trying to cut the last digit because i dont need that many

    *but, if i try those fixes i will not know for sure the problem is fixed

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  • this might have happend because the bumber was too long

    im going to split the number to 2 parts

    right and left side of decimal point

    im going to use the rounding only on the right part and the sum 2 parts

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